Book Review #5



Declan:  The musician of the Boudreaux family and the twin brother of Savannah. He’s rather successful and appreciates the New Orleans scene. He has spent some time in Nashville but liked the style of his home town better.

Callie has only just returned to New Orleans after inheriting her father’s bar. She left when she was 18 and had never planned to come back but life doesn’t always turn out the way you planned it. One night Declan plays in her bar and even though they are feeling each others vibes and have the so called “Hots” for each other from the very start, Declan is a player and Callie’s is knowledgeable of his playboy status. They go through some tough times, mainly in the  communication department and personality dissimilarities as they learn about each other. These are the kinds of problems that are undoubtedly the cause for most of the early downfall of the relationship but each of their distinct strengths and weaknesses is part of what makes these two work out in the long run.

Easy Melody is the best book in my opinion in this series. It seems like every book just gets better and better. At this point I’ve read lots of Kristen’s work & she is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors.  If you’ve read the With in Me in Seattle series, you will be pleased about the cameo appearance of Leo, Sam, Will and Meg. I highly recommend those books as well. I was hoping that would happen as I was reading the book and Declan and Callie were headed to Seattle. It was an easy transition with Declan and Callie’s enjoyment of football games and Declan and Leo both being in the music business. Now I cant wait  for book #4 to come out and to see what’s next for this family and new characters .




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