Book Review #6


I love Lori Foster’s books immensely. They are fun, filled with fast-paced action, suspense and romance. This book is filled with all of those things. MMA romance books have been on the rise lately. Everyone loves a story about a sexy athlete who is very alpha-male but have more depth to them.

In the second book in the Ultimate Novel series by Lori Foster, we get Denver Lewis and Cherry Peyton’s story. The two of them have been flirting for the longest time, and it was finally nice to see them get together. Cherry, However had been really pursuing Denver and he had trying to avoid her because she is a huge flirt and that was something he wasn’t into. Denver doesn’t really like that and plus she could get under his skin and drive him crazy and he realized that no other girl has been able to do that before, especially the ones that came before Cherry. Nevertheless, temptation takes over and they have a night that neither of them will ever forget. You know the saying “Once you go Cherry, you’ll never go back” and this is true for Denver. He just wants more of her then ever before. Things happen and Cherry’s life is in danger because of her ex foster brothers. If she wants to be in a relationship with Denver, she’s going to have to put her trust in him.

This book is action-packed, has twist and turns and suspense that will keep you engaged. The anticipation of Cherry & Denver getting together was definitely worth the wait.  Cherry is a women that is independent, fun, and flirty. Denver although taking part in a sport that is at times brutal, is attentive, adoring and even has a tender sweet side. We also get sneak peak at what else is to come in the series with more characters. We get characters from the “Love Undercover” series. I love the bond between them all. They are all one big family. I cant wait to see what the future holds for these characters. I recommend this book and can’t wait for the next books from this series.  Reviews for those book will definitely be coming soon. So stay tuned.