Book Review #8

I purchased this book by James Patterson after I had seen the commercials for the TV show and lets just say that I love this book more than I did the TV show. Dont get me wrong, the TV show was good, but there was a few things missing. I read this Book nonstop it’s took me about 3 1/2-4 days to finish. I was finding it hard to put down. This book can give people a cause for concern because after you finish the book you begin to realize that the scenarios such as what happens in the book is possible. We cannot exist without animals, the big ones and small ones & with the ecosystem of our planet we are all intertwined.

I really liked OZ in this book. he’s a young scientist and it was hard to read when all of the big government officials would laugh in his face because they thought he was crazy and it’s when it’s too late is when they start listening to him and figuring out that he was right from the very beginning. The scenes with Oz’s pet ape are truly riveting. You feel sorry for the ape until he starts attacking people but those scenes are just so descriptive. In the scene in Africa with the ants I kind of got the heebie-jeebies.

This is a great read to keep you on the edge of your seat. You won’t know what happens next & there’s some twists and turns until the very last page. This a great weekend read.


Book Review #7


I love book’s about cops and “A Cop’s Life: True Stories from the Heart Behind the Badge” is one of them. While reading this book you will think you’re sitting right in the passenger seat of a black-and-white. Sergeant Randy Sutton takes you on a wild ride through the streets of Las Vegas. Some of the stories will make you laugh, some will make you cringe and you might shed a tear. Sgt. Sutton has been there and done that and lets you know what goes on behind the badge. It’s something that not to many people get to experience. As described in the book, Las Vegas is not all glitzy glamour. There is a gritty side to the city and some pretty horrible things have happened.

This is a gripping page turner, that deals with death, violence, and touches on the subject of cop suicides. Such a subject can really take a toll on a cop, when what an officer see’s day in and day out are the horrible acts that people do to each other. this is an excellent easy read.