Book Review #11

This book is absolutely excellent it’s fantastic. I wish I would’ve had this book when I was in college and in graduate school. Having graduated college in 2012 and graduating from grad school last year(2015) everything is so fresh that I can just relate to most of the things in this book.

I really like the chapter one where Paul Angone talks about “who wants cake” in this little section he talks about graduation party and all the handshakes and the smiles and people asking you what you want to do in the future. And me being 27 1/2 …I still don’t know what I want to do. And I know 30 is approaching really fast and whatever it is want to do, I have a limited amount of time before I start thinking about marriage and kids and the dog and all these other things. I can relate to when he talks about the event that was supposed to rocket launch into the rest of your life. That event he’s talking about his college graduation and having gone through graduation two of them mind you in the last 4 years, college and grad school I remember that day like it was yesterday. Feeling on top of the world one minute while your going across the stage to get your diploma and a few months later saying what happened to that feeling? like where am I in my life? No job in sight ,single and just trying to figure everything out. I love Paul’s take on faith in this book. You don’t really get that into many books nowadays and being a Christian woman myself I really appreciated that.

I love this book. I love all the humorous relatable things that Paul talks about on life after he had graduated and they were really nothing that he’d expected. We can all relate to eating top Ramen. This book is so reassuring, meaning that you are not alone in this transition post college & that hundreds of other 20 somethings just like me are still trying to figure it out. I know the 20s can be some pretty awesome years ( for me though it was less partying more studying and reading , OK and maybe some fun but nothing ridiculously crazy)but to be honest I cannot wait until I’m in the next stage in my life. 

This is the perfect gift for that 20 something in your life who is may be a senior in college or graduating or has already graduated they would love this book . I highly recommend it. 


Book Review #10


As you can tell by now, I really love James Patterson books. I brought this book around Christmas time with expectations about a haunted house or ghosts in the present day. I really didn’t know what to think. this book is about a century old abandoned house located at No. 7 Ocean Drive in the Hamptons. Jenna Rose Murphy, a former NYPD detective is brought in by her uncle, Police Chief Landon James, in the small town of Bridgehampton. Jenna has been having these terrible nightmares every time she goes in or near the house, and she’s not exactly sure why. When Jenna was a little girl, she remembers going to the Hamptons with her parents during the summer. Something very traumatic happened to her in that house as a girl but she has erased it from her memory.

Noah is a guy that is misunderstood in my eyes. When he was in school, Noah was blamed for a crime that he didn’t do. Now many years later, he’s being investigated by Jenna, who’s first assignment when she arrives is to investigate Noah because a string of gory, sadistic murders that have taken place and Noah may or may not be to blame. Is Noah innocent? You have to read to find out. Due to James Patterson’s writing, you really don’t know who the killer is until the last few chapters.

The characters are well developed. There is a level of creepiness whenever a character enters that house. This is a great murder mystery with many twist and turns along the way. this is a very descriptive book. you can visualize the characters and the scenery and I’ll say again…Great writing. I love this book’s storyline. I love the surprises at the end of the book. it gets gruesome at times and characters get in situations where they are in are in peril. I love how Jenna is a tough character and the interaction between her and Noah is great. Depending on how fat you read, you can get through it pretty quickly. I give this book a 5-Star rating.