Problems of a Book Nerd


People who read a lot have some serious issues…I read so much that I wonder sometimes if it can be entirely healthy. Along the way I have picked up some odd quirks. If you are a fellow reader, then I know you have picked some up so. Here is a place to share those little things we all do with fellow book nerds all around the world.

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New York

“I love New York City. The reason I live in New York City is because it’s the loudest city on the planet Earth. It’s so loud I never have to listen to any of the shit that’s going on in my own head. It’s really loud. They literally have guys come with jackhammers and they drill the streets and just leave cones in front of your apartment; you don’t even know why. Garbage men come; they don’t pick up the garbage, they just bang the cans together.”

~ Lewis Black