24 Books to Read Under One Hour

If you have a super busy schedule between work, home, your friends and school, chances are you have not read as many books as you wished to this year. Ebook Friendly has composed this stunning infographic of 24 books, which could be read under an hour!




Book Review #15


This was a very “Wise Buy”

I admit that the main reason I bought this book was because I love the movie ‘Goodfellas’.
I think that most of the time if a movie is adapted from a book, they’re going to have to really shorten the movie considerably, therefore leaving out potential plot points and facts that could have gave us a tad more backdrop on the film. I think the vibe I got from ‘Goodfellas’ was way  different vibe then I got from this book. While I enjoyed both, I think if I want a ride through quick mob hits, familiar faces by leading actors, and charming scenes of  gangsters while music hits relevant to the time period play in the background, I’ll stick to the movie.

The smooth operations, well planned heists, and the thieves that are crooked is what drew me in with this page turner from Nicholas Pillegi. The facts are all there, from Luftsana, to point shaving schemes. This book lays out the hard, nitty-gritty bones of mobster life. The book describes it all; how to get money was to hustle; how the men surrounding the book’s main character, Henry Hill, were all vengeful, convincing and murdering.
While I don’t feel pity for the man once named Henry Hill, (well, he has changed his name multiple times under Federal Witness Protection guidelines, but if I’m correct he has returned to his former name, Henry Hill) I do feel pity for the people who had been swept up in the lifestyle they thought was glamorous but far from it
 ; mothers, children, friends.

I loved this book, I got lots of  information that was otherwise lacking in the movie Goodfellas, and the author seemed to jump from narration to Henry’s point of view with smoothness. I liked the style of writing, I liked the size of the book, not too big, not too small (fits in a purse or bag beautifully) ,and the story is just as you’d imagine: unflinching, bloody, interesting, and  most of all thrilling. I could not put this book down once I opened it. I’m glad I purchased it. Great read.