Book Review #16

Wow, this book was an epic journey. The end left me wanting more but I was content too with how everything came together. So much will happen in the next book and I can’t wait a year. I need more Amani and Jin and everyone else!

I actually wished for this on Netgalley and they granted my wish. I’m so grateful for it because I got to read Rebel of the Sands which you can tell I enjoyed. A lot.

This story follows Amani, a girl in this small desert town with very little options and the women treated like objects only good for producing children or exploiting. Amani hates it and wants to be free of Dustwalk when she meets Jin, a perfect chance to escape but not before all hell breaks loose and they’re being chased.

I love reading books inspired by the Middle East or Asia, I like seeing an author’s take on it and they’re one of my favourite settings to read about. I got this Prince of Persia vibe and The Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke (Which I reviewed and LOVED too) because of the desert setting.

I have an Asian background and Djinni’s are mentioned a lot in this book as these great powerful beings created by God but I grew up being being told that Djinn are these evil spirits that possesses you and when a dog barks at night, it sensed a Djinn or evil spirit but Djinn go way back and they mean different things throughout time which is exactly why these kind of things intrigue me.

Amani is a great character. The sass between Jin and her is brilliant and it was just fun to read about. Her and Jin are a team especially now that they’re being chased, they come up with plans and ways to reach Izman which is where Amani wants to go in the hopes of having a better life but she doesn’t know when Jin and her will parts ways.

But that gets pushed aside because bigger things are happening with magic, war, ghouls and Djinni and Amani gets pulled into a whole new world. (a new fantastic point of viieeeww. Disney’s Aladddin anyone?)

Something else I really enjoyed is the relationships in Rebel of the Sands. The romance and the friendships were great, they were comfortable and it felt like one big friendship group.

I liked the turns the story took. There were plot twists and character development, the romance was subtle and it was just so, so good. I was hooked from the very first chapter to the last. The story is so gripping I didn’t want to put it down. I adored the characters, they were so unique.

You should all read it. I highly recommend it and a huge thank you to Netgalley from granting my wish because this book was seriously a wish come true. I obviously bought a physical copy because have you seen the cover?! I need the cover and the book looking beautiful on my shelf. I hope you choose to pick this book up if you want a brilliant fantasy!

My Rating…📖📖📖📖📖


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