Book Review #18

Very rarely do I get into books that are paranormal or ghost stories but today when I was browsing in Books A Million, I came upon this book “The GrownUp” by Gillian Flynn. I was familiar with some of her other works but this is the very first book that I’ve read by her. 

I picked this book up because it was very thin, 65 pages to be exact and I knew I could finish it within an hour which I did. 

This book is set in the small town and from the very first page ( very first sentence to be exact) I was hooked. I wont give it away but if you pick up this book, you will see. This female character (come to think of it just having finish the book I don’t think we’re ever given the main characters name) Who does some very unsavory things in the back of the psychic is pressured into conducting some sort of spiritual cleansing of the clients house. 

It’s not the house that is crazy it’s the client stepson who wants them all dead. As the story progresses the readers are faced with the question of whether it’s the house or the steps and that is really the main issue. I know short stories have a reputation of having shock endings so that you aren’t left feeling robbed of a full book. 

This is a first for me to read a book and then post a review about it in the same day. Usually takes maybe two or three days after I finish a book to get my thoughts in order and write a review. I won’t give the rest of the book away but it’s definitely worth your time to read. If you are looking for one of the scariest or mindbending stories out there then you’ll probably get a lot of joy out of this book. Nothing gory or overly violent, but it is creepy. 

I recommend this book I think you should really give it a chance. 

My rating: 📖📖📖📖… Highly recommend 

**This just in: Universal has landed the rights for the cinematic adaptation of this book


Book Review #17

   You can find very interesting books or movies when you search at the dollar store, and that’s what I discovered while shopping at the local dollar tree. I was in the book section just browsing through not really expecting to find thing and I came across the “Grief of Others”. I was intrigued by the cover ; side note: whoever said covers not important to the buying process of the book was wrong. Anyways when I got home I read the back of the book and went to Amazon to see a summary of it and I was slightly this interested in it after I went to Amazon. 

    The book has to do with the Ryrie Family and the death of their baby, and the family the mother, father and the other siblings all dealing with grief in their own way. this is the theme throughout the book. The mother Ricky chooses not to have an abortion, but she knew if she didn’t, The baby would not survive anyway. The baby had a defect and either way if she had an abortion or if she didn’t, he would die no matter what . The book goes into great length to explain this and why she kept information from her husband but does explain why she chose not to terminate the pregnancy. 

   One thing I did find interesting was that the books skips around in time and sometimes repeats a number of scenes from the perspective of someone different. That can be a Provocative, revealing, difficult technique but I really wasn’t feeling it in this book. The events in this book are recounted in such a dispassionate manner that I was really unable to engage in the book. Was kind of at arms length with the rest of the book I timed it was hard to understand and I couldn’t really identify with any of the family members. 

    I typically don’t do well with books that involve the death of children or animals and this is one of them. I didn’t know it at the time when I brought it look the subject matter would be. I can’t really complain though it was $1, so you can’t be mad at that. This book is about 371 pages which I thought was kind of too long and about halfway through I just kind of skimmed over pages and to be honest barely finish the book

My rating is… Skip this one 📖

Side Note: Upon further research, I found out there was a movie released March of 2015