Book Review #24


I remember when I first got this book I was a freshman in high school and I love New York in the title just caught my attention. Just book it paints a portrait of Brooklyn at the turn of the 20th century some books contain descriptions but no this book has something more you can hear the noise in the streets the horses, the vendors you can smell the coffee that Francie’s mother left boiling on the stove. This book will involve all your senses and make you feel like you’re living in that period of time.

The family stories in crisis Johnny who’s the father, drinks way too much and can’t really hold a job but is the life of the family. Katie who’s the mother loves her family but is in stress of Johnny and the state of poverty that they are in. The true story though is of Francie and Neely, the two children of the family who survive by sticking together in thinking stories and games with each other and finding joy in their grimy surroundings.

Francie has this anger that society ignores the needs of the poor. I really like when he calls out the Doctor Who says that all poor people are dirty thinking that Francie and her brother can’t understand him. Another time I like them because when Francie’s teacher is Shames because she ignores the poor children in class and doesn’t let them go to the bathroom which results in then having accidents that are humiliating. All of these victories however contain just of anger.

This book has heartbreak and magic, heroics and cowardice, beauty and hideousness. You truly feel what it’s like to be a poor child in Brooklyn in 1908. You’re reminded that poverty and human behavior is universal. I would definitely recommend this book

My rating…. šŸ“–šŸ“–šŸ“–šŸ“–šŸ“–


Author: mccullum001

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