Book Review #25


This author, RYAN BLAIR, is fundamentally a man of wisdom and spirit-ness with a combination of street smarts and academy … a balance of intrigue and sincerity all at once. From being an unhealthy street gang member, too becoming a wealthy entrepreneur and wholesome entity in society, he showcases what anyone of us at any level, can be and do when one cease’s the moment “carpe diem” in the most inspirational way imaginable.

Mr. Blair literally describes his life experiences, what I would call his DNA in words, elegantly-manly, in the most descriptive way of emotions. And, as you read his book, you will get lost in the honest rawness while finding its’ overall message delightfully powerful, poignant and positive. You can almost see him moving swiftly along throughout his journey to where he has become, today … a true heroic mentor and well-rounded human being.

Ryan Blair’s book is not only a reference tool for personal growth; mind, body, and spirit, it is a business persons/entrepreneurial bible on how to operate a company and or organization in complete harmony … like a queen bee guiding her precious hive-king fully so.
All ages and all genders will be through ally entertained as this beautifully written book will make a wonderful edition to anyone’s library for years to come.

Pass it on. You surely have “nothing to lose, everything to gain” by Ryan Blair.
Now, I can hardly wait for the movie version!

My rating: 📖📖📖📖📖