Book Review #26


Sooo, I review all kinds of books on this blog. This is a book I read about 3 years ago. If I had started this blog a year ago, it would have gone perfectly with my Twitter (Look at my past Twitter pictures and Tweets, and you will know what I’m talking about). So without further ado, here is my review.

What is it like? That is a question that couples who have crossed the race line have been asked for decades. What is it like? For every person brave enough to ask there are maybe dozens who wonder in silence from the sidelines, standing and sometimes staring. Questioning. What is it like? How did those two get together? What makes that relationship work? How can it? How do they deal with… the differences, the what ifs, the folks? What does he see in her? Why does she want a guy like that? What happens when…. the kids come……. the job finds out…. socially. What is it like?

I was thrilled to finally read this much anticipated book on Swirling. I love the concept, the name and admire the phenomenal effort put into bringing this work to fruition. Whether one is a veteran swirler, newcomer, curious or even skeptical, this book has something for everyone. I love the authors’ ability to combine history, current themes and events, facts and all things interracial and intercultural with wit and just the right amount of humor. “Swirling” promises to keep the reader engaged, intrigued and ready to put some of the tips and suggestions into practice.

The writers explore more than just black white relationships as there are swirlers of just about every racial combination you can imagine. We can read about swirling cultures and religions as well as race in the book. This book is Broken into three parts its sixteen chapters with each able to stand alone Swirling is more reference tool than casual self-help book and can be consumed in any order that suites the reader. This is helpful for those wanting fast answers to situations that they are concerned about now.

Although swirling is a serious subject, I found the tone quite friendly, enlightening, refreshing and simply nice. I thought about my own past encounters when reading some of the stories; and had the “Common sense” light go off with some stories as well. This book is an easy and enjoyable read for women from their teens to middle age and even older who have an interest in taking the leap with a great guy of a race different than their own. Having be attracted to men outside my race all my life, I can honestly say that this book gets it right and I would absolutely recommend it to any woman who is interested in a relationship with a man of another race.

My rating: πŸ“–πŸ“–πŸ“–πŸ“–πŸ“–



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