Book Review #28


Here we are again in the Ultimate series by Lori Foster. This is the final book in the series, and we get Armie Jacobson and Marissa Colter. Merissa and Armie have been fighting the attraction  for a very long time. Armie is  the classic bad boy/Alpha male who isn’t as bad as he lets is known, Also Armie is known However, as the quote on quote “manwhore” who  wants to have a good time with no commitment. Merissa is the women he loves but thinks he isn’t good enough for her. Marissa  is the good girl and friends with everyone.  Armie. Merissa.

Throughout the series we have watched them dance around each other waiting for them to get their turn, knowing it was going to be great. Lori Foster did not disappoint this book.
I liked how Merissa did not accept the word “No”, she also developed confidence and went after what she wanted.

This book is the classic Good girl meets bad boy. Oftentimes those stories don’t really have a happy ending, and as past demons another other dangers get in the way, Armie and Marissa both  learn what’s truly worth fighting for…Each Other.

I love how this series interconnects everyone, but yet they each have their own book. As a reader, you an pick this up as a standalone or read the other books in the series, which is highly recommended. I don’t want to give to much away for those of you that haven’t read this book.  It was bittersweet for me, this book keeps you reading and wanting more, but its the last one of the series. I cant wait to see what other series Lori Foster has in store, because you know it will be good. This was the perfect ending of the Ultimate series

My rating: 📖📖📖📖📖