Book Review #36


The beauty within Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 comes from how it begs you to look at the world around you. The futuristic society depicted by Bradbury in the 1950’s is almost frightening because of how closely it resembles the world that we live in now. We have filled our lives with technology and arguably have become more removed from society than ever before. Instead of sitting on the porch and conversing while watching the sunset or listening to crickets we tend to turn our television sets and let the propaganda and the garbage be forced down our gullets. This book opens your eyes and paints the picture of a very feasible and very scary future and it forces you to be aware of what is happening around us.

I have read positive reviews from people who love this book and also reviews from those that think it is an overrated piece of garbage. When forging my own opinion of this book I look at the messages that Bradbury seems to be trying to convey and how well he does that. I have found that the most acclaimed message in the book is that propaganda and technology are poison to the human mind. The book creates a world where human beings have been hollowed out by these things and have become nothing more than automated drones seeking only entertainment – and to be free from worry and woe. Bradbury has said that the theme of his book is that television takes away the desire for people to read and appreciate literature.

Aside from the previously mentioned theme – I feel that the most spectacular part of this read is the satirical society that Ray Bradbury has created. I feel the message goes further than television eats away at your mind. I found that the most significant message in the story is that technology as a whole is dangerous to us. The book illustrates how technology has people moving faster and faster and becoming detached from each other (comparable to real life). People in the society only care about what is on television, or about driving a 100 Miles Per Hour, or going to amusement parks. Families are not close-knit; people send their children away to school and never really know them. It seems that every person in the world around the main characters are completely empty and do not care about the well being of anyone. This is one of the most interesting points of analysis that I have found in this book. Comparing this to how people are becoming in real life. It is almost hard to admit how similar our world is to the horrible place from Bradbury’s imagination.

I cannot say that this is the greatest book that I have ever read, but I did really enjoy it. Fahrenheit 451 is one of the most thought provoking stories that I have ever read. I find it to be extremely interesting from cover to cover. It is a book that you can read several times and come away with different ideas and messages each time

My rating: πŸ“–πŸ“–πŸ“–πŸ“–



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