Book Review #39

last call.jpg

I am kicking myself for not reading a Staci Hart book sooner. This book was incredible, it had everything I look for an in a New Adult book, and this is exactly why I fell in love with this genre. What I liked most about her writing was the dialog. The witty conversations between friends almost killed me every time. Usually I love just being a spectator of a story and watching it unfold, but this book really made me want to be apart of this amazing group of characters.

This book had me laughing out loud at parts. I love a book that can me laugh and this one definitely did! Thankfully I was at home when I would start giggling otherwise I would be getting “The Look” from people.

Rose is trying to get over Patrick (Tricky) and the more she tries to get over him the more she realizes she doesn’t want to. Patrick broke her heart but she didn’t fight for them. She let him walk away.

Watching Rose go on her dates is hilarious. It’s like a train wreck and you can’t help but laugh at what she goes through, the guys she meets. (Makes me happy that I’m married and don’t have to go through all of that!)

I literally gasped at one part of this book. It felt like my heart stopped. Once you read the book, I’m sure you’ll know what part of the book I’m talking about. I was dumbfounded and was like WHAT??? WHY???? NO!!!!!

And, so here I am now,
Knees: weak,
Cheeks: flushed,
Stomach: flipped,
Eyes: glistening
Heart: full
And in this moment I know I’ve read what is possibly one of the best stories I’ll ever read and one that will stay embedded in me for a long time. No amount of stars can rate Last Call, it sits in a league of its own.

My rating: 5 Stars


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