Book Review #54


Chuck Palahniuk’s debut novel, “Fight Club,” is one of the greatest, provocative, and enlightening books written for our generation. It’s a must-read, with a brilliant story, a writing style wonderfully crafted to depict the real world for as disgusting as it is, and a mischievous character who goes by the name of Tyler Durden, who’s out to change the grotesque problems of modern-day society, for good.

And great brain food. There are some issues and statements given in this book that really make you think especially about how we’re defining “progress” for humanity. How do we define success and progress, but by how big of a house we have, or how much we have in the bank, or how pretty our wives look? In this book, the anti-society society “Fight Club” determines success by how little you have.
“Only until we lose everything, are we free to do anything.”
Tyler Durden, Fight Club–the movie

Modern-day consumer-driven cultures have begun to press down on people to the breaking point, and now Tyler Durden has started his own therapy group that is growing rapidly in number by each session. It’s a therapy group, unlike most of the others, and instead of giving you guided spiritual meditation and opening your chakras, it promotes violence, pain, and self-destruction. It’s a group where aggressive males are sporting organized fight sessions to empower themselves by hitting rock bottom. Its called “Fight Club,” and it’s rapidly spreading in bars all over the United States.

But I’ve probably said too much already. “First rule of fight club is you cannot talk about fight club, and the second rule of fight club is you cannot talk about fight club.”
It’s one of the fastest books I’ve ever read, and it left me completely hooked, all the way until the end. The only thing I didn’t like was all the room for expansion. Palahniuk really could have exploded on some of his ideas and perspectives a whole lot more, but it was still a great book and very reader worthy.

Another disappointment was the cost for this book. After 20th Century Fox made the snazzy cover art for the book, they also jacked up the price to 13 bucks a copy, which is very ironic, especially when Fight Club’s motto was to screw perfection and neatness. But that’s show-bizz.

My recommendation: Watch the movie first, get blown away, then read the book and get more in-depth with the story. “Fight Club” is an inspiring and completely awesome story. Watch the movie. Read the book. Both are great, and after you’ve been as enlightened as much as possible, start your own Fight Club.


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