Book Review #56


I read this book when I was in college. Although I have read numerous books since, by many authors  and on various subjects, nothing has topped this masterpiece. Few books stay with you like this one. Not just because of the horror, but because of King’s ability to make you feel like you are part of the group of seven main characters. His detail is so astounding, you catch yourself wondering about these people as if they are real. Normally, in a book with in excess of 1000 pages, you would expect some flat spots, but this book keeps you turning the pages all the way to the end. I wasn’t totally thrilled with the description of the creature at the end of the book, but in King’s defense, in many of his books his writing is so brilliant, that no ending/villain/creature could possibly live up to the expectations created by the story. I plan to read it again soon. A comment on the TV miniseries: Although it was entertaining, it does NOT do this book justice.

Stephen King’s It is completely engrossing, genuinely scary, and very endearing believe it or not. The central characters are a group of self-proclaimed “losers” who don’t fit in with the other kids in school. They naturally gravitate towards one another and become a very tight group of friends in the small town of Derry Maine during a seemingly everlasting summer in the 1950’s. They make the swampy bottom area of town called the Barrens their personal clubhouse, and each of their unique talents and family backgrounds come into play.

Derry is cursed by a being they call “It,” which has inhabited the town for hundreds of years. It appears to each person as the sum of their own worst fears, forcing them to face their own demons in turn. The story goes back and forth between the group in the 1950’s as children and the group in present day as grownups, gathered back in Derry to face It again after it resurfaces 28 years later and resumes abducting and killing children.

I would recommend this book to anybody…even those readers who are not fans of the horror genre.


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