Book Review #60


I loved Adulting. I bought it because I saw it all over Pinterest and thought it would be a good for a light laugh. While this book did make me laugh, it also was so much more! I’m 27, and find that so many of the things in this book are relevant to what I’m going through. This author helped remind me the best intentions are those that are acted upon, that most things that seem so serious now wont matter in 6 months, taught me about meeting face, and discussed the importance of a good thank you note and clean sheets. One would think that in my 27 years on this planet, I would have figured most of it out for myself, but I’m being honest when I say that a lot of these excerpts gave me an “a-ha!” moment. A-ha as in, wow, someone else has gone through this too and helped me take a hard look at myself and encouraged me to get my life together. This book was not written in a way that suggests that the author has it all figured out, rather as someone who’s a friend who wants to share advice with another friend. I highlighted more out of this book than I have in awhile! Thanks for the great tips. I’d recommend this for anyone who, well, wants to get better at adulting