Book Review #63


Patterson back at his best! My hat is off to Michael Ledwidge. Now, I have to admit to you right up front that I have never lived in New York and have only visited there once in my life. But, in this book, I felt that I was a citizen of that city with so much to lose that I was on the edge of my seat in fear of what might be next. If you live in NY, the streets and landmarks will be familiar to you and likely mean twice as much. The plot is sinister! In this age of terrorism and sects, cults, even nations seeking to blow up one another, it is most timely. Some mysterious group, team, or country wrecks havoc on the city of New York: blowing up two key subway stations that provide transportation for the medical hub of the city as well as the citizens for 100 square blocks is just the beginning. From there we have a public official shot by a sniper on live television followed by the blowing up of the 21-story FBI building (a la 9/11) in a most unique way–can you say dice size robots? Finally there is the warning of destruction from the ocean that causes the evacuation of the entire city–yes you read that right. The action of the NYPD, NY State Troopers, FBI, Homeland Security and Federal Marshals will take your breath away–but give you confidence that our nation is protected. The loss of life is outstanding. The efforts put forth to find the perpetrators is above and beyond the call of duty. I urge you to read it. You will be exhausted at the end, but you will be glad to be an American. I heartily recommend.


Author: mccullum001

I'm a 27 year old, who really doesn't know what I want to do...I have the education, but nothing to show for it...Stay Tuned!!!

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