Book Review #67


Colleen Hoover is one of those authors who I drop everything for and read her new release right away because she has just proven time and time again that she can touch the depths of my soul. I’ve read each and every one of Colleen’s books, and Ugly Love was no exception to these feelings. It wasn’t the romanticized version of love – it truly was about the ugly, scary side. The story of Miles and Tate had a very different, more adult-like feel from her usual writing style. However, it just proved that Colleen is quite talented and well-rounded. She isn’t able to be pegged down, and that’s what will keep me reading her work.

I loved that this story was really about the broken male, but the female had her stuff together. It provided for a different premise to so many books in the genre. Miles has been running from his past, but not headed toward any future. He’s stuck in limbo until he meets Tate, his friend’s sister. Because of this, they began as this forbidden type relationship which just made me invest in them a tad more; I loved the sneaking around and stolen glances. They agreed upon set rules, but how often does that ever work out? I could literally feel the sizzle of their attraction through the words on the page. Their chemistry and connection was completely undeniable. There was just something about the hesitancy, the lying to themselves, and the fear that made their relationship so real. Tate was such a wonderful, level-headed female who stayed strong in her convictions. I loved that she wasn’t going to give up on Miles, but she also wasn’t going to allow herself to be stuck. It was a beautiful melody to read what Colleen was putting on paper.

Colleen Hoover has an incredible talent in the way with which she writes. Miles has a point of view in this book, and it is certainly told in a unique way; a way that is completely appropriate to the tone of the chapters, but that is so opposite from Tate’s point of view. In doing this, you can easily tell who is speaking, but you also get an incredible build up to the climax of the story. You become so engrossed in the prose, in the words, and in the characters that you continue to turn to the pages. Ugly Love is a tantalizing tease of an emotional rollercoaster that you find yourself never wanting to get off of!

I was hooked from the very first moment of Tate and Miles’ meeting to the very last page of the epilogue. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will undoubtedly just FEEL. The emotions run extra high in this book and I can’t recommend Ugly Love enough to other readers. Colleen Hoover hit a grand slam out of the park with this book, and as always, I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!