Book Review #72


I’m really starting to like reading the works of Steve Martini. He uses his books to disturb your thoughts. He brings out ideas that have been hiding at the back of your brain, and makes you examine what you didn’t want to face. In The Enemy Inside, his theme is government corruption. He makes you wonder how extensive it is, and what are the long-term effects of it. How many politicians are owned by foreign interests? What will happen if they are exposed? Will our country be able to survive their exposure? Will the economy collapse once the world knows that our legislators are up for sale to the highest bidder? Mr. Martini asks these questions, but puts them all into a fast-paced, exciting mystery thriller. You stop to think about the fate of the world, but them are thrown right back into the heat of the action. Quite a lot of fun.

The Enemy Inside is a very complex book. The author uses many points of view, with multiple story lines. They twist and tangle together, and sometimes you have to stop reading, just so that you can take inventory and make sure that you understand everything that is going on. Some of the stories needed to be enlarged upon; they feel hurried, and not quite filled out, and maybe even just a sketch of a plot. Everything pretty much comes together at the end, but just barely.

I give The Enemy Inside 4 Stars out of 5. I’m really going to have to start paying attention to Steve Martini’s books. He has a lot to say, and I think we all need to listen.