Book #73


Compelling, graphic and sad story of murdered Travelers. This one has very little joy, humor or snark. Letty befriends Skye and Henry, two young travelers. When Henry goes missing, possibly murdered, Skye contacts Letty who asks Lucas for help.
Del, Shrake, Jenkins and Virgil have brief appearances throughout. Majority consists of Lucas fighting bureaucratic battles in chasing a band of serial killers. Letty learns she is not as tough or battle ready as she thought.

Believable characters, dialogue and story line.

Excellent description:
“The fact that the senator was crazier than a bedbug and dumber than a crescent wrench hadn’t changed that one salient fact: he had some influence.”

The author also talks of the character Lucas Davenport and his struggles with depression.
“William Styron’s book Darkness Visible, which he’d read while going through his own depression, had argued that depression is a terrible word for the affliction. Should be called something like mindstorm. Still, Lucas’s intuition told him that mindstorms didn’t just show up: they needed something to chew on.”

(William Styron’s book Darkness Visible is available in Kindle format)

I will re-read this story but not as often as other works in the Prey series.