Movie Review #2


This movie probably has the most creative and well done scene of any movie I have ever seen. And that is saying quite a statement.

Naked Gun is based on a short lived television show called Police Squad which was basically a spoof of Dragnet and all the old time police dramas. Everything in the tv show was slapstick and sight gags and it was well ahead of it’s time. The show was funny in it’s own right but some bad scheduling and the fact that you had to watch it all non stop as it was so involved lead to its downfall after a mere 6 episodes.

The Zucker brothers who produced this show and are the men behind the hilarious movie Airplane, decided to revive the short lived TV show, but this time in a movie format. And thus the Naked Gun:From the Files of Police Squad, was born.

Lt. Frank Dreben is the focus of the TV show and of this movie, he is a clueless cop (played by Leslie Nielson) who has a habit of hitting things with his car and always makes time for the women. The woman in this case is (Prisila Presley) the assistant to the would be bad guy (Ricardo Montebon) who Frank takes a liking to, after she is sent to spy on him, while the bad guy masters his plan of controlling unsuspecting victims to kill people without even knowing they are under a hypnotic spell. Along for the ride is Nordburg (None other then OJ Simpson) , Franks partner who is shot early on by thugs on a drug boat which leads Frank into looking in to the main criminal in the first place. A plan to end the Queen of England’s life is soon unveiled and lets just say its a mad romp from location to location with lots of laughs mixed in.

But the thrill of this movie isn’t the story, that is almost secondary and almost a little nonsensical at points. Its the fun situations that Frank seems to get into everywhere he goes. One moment he is in the mid east stopping terrorist, next he is hanging from a building as a fire burns inside and he is chasing a killer doctor in one of the wildest car chases ever. The laughs are so great in this movie that you truly can watch this many times and get just as much enjoyment from the wacky satire and one liners that are thrown at us non stop.

As mentioned above this movie does contain the best scene ever. I won’t give it all away but it involves a baseball game that the Queen of England happens to be attending and Frank Dreben must find out who the unknown killer at the game will be. The whole final scent of this movie is so priceless that I don’t know if something this brilliant has ever been matched in a movie. I just watched it again with my family and already we were cracking up as if we were seeing it again for the first time.

This is truly a lost art when it comes to comedy. It didn’t rely on sick or gross humor but on simple slap stick and straight one liners by people who are taking their roles seriously without being in on the joke that we the viewer are in on. Even the soundtrack is catchy and well done. It’s just a very complete and hilarious movie that you will want to watch many times and with many people.

If you want a funny movie, that is short enough not to drag on but funny enough that you will have to pause it to catch your breath, have I got the movie for you. Naked Gun : From the Files of Police Squad. Get it today and you will wonder how you ever got by without it. I can’t recommend it enough and you won’t be sorry adding this to your movie collection.


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