Book Review #76


This is the first 1st BookShot Flames that I’ve ever read. I think BookShots are okay, but you can read all about that in my post from yesterday.

This is the story about a Cowboy, a city girl, a small town in Texas and an attraction as hot as the Texas heat. Learning to Ride Lassoed me in.

Madeline Harper  the ultimate city girl, moves to Sunny Bell Texas  from NYC to manage a merger for her company back in New York. Her plan is to stick around for a year to a year and 1/2, keeping to herself so she can advance in her career and move back to NYC. Little did she know her first week in Sunny Bell would chance her life.

Tanner Callen is the local celebrity, that all the women want to get with and all the men want to be. From the first time he saw Madeline in the bar, Tanner  knew he had to have Madeline. After a steamy one night stand, neither of them knew that it would leave both of their hearts in a tangle.

I really liked these two. They are totally opposite, The saying “Opposites attract” is very true in this book. When they first get together (Which is fairly early in the book) is rather tame and not explicit at all compared to other romance books I’ve read.  Tanner is a county boy through and through, that you cant help but fall for and as for Madeline, well she is definitely a fish out of water, but I liked the scenes where she was getting to know everybody. Madeline and Tanner were fun, sexy and entertaining

In my opinion, I think this should be made into a Hallmark TV movie, come to think about it, I think it is. Several movies  have been made like this, sans the hot hookups. I would recommend this book, two anyone who is looking for a romance that is a quick read.

5 Stars


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