Reading Challenge

I know 2016 is almost over. A few more months left but I think you can do this challenge in 2017 as well. I have checked off most on this list, but time is know ones friend or I would have completed the whole list


Cause reading is FUNDAMENTAL!


Book Review #89


Wow I can’t believe it’s book review 89, feels like yesterday I was writing review #1.

I loved the author started it back in their senior year. You get to see the struggle and pressures of these two young people. They will have to make some hard choses that no one should have to make at their age.

Laurie Whitney had went through most of her life not being noticed. Now here she is her senior year and all the boys were looking her way. I truly liked her best friend Danielle. She was the head cheerleader but was not the snobby person that only hung out with the cool kids. I guess you can say Dani was responsible for getting Laurie and Troy Woods together. If Dani would not of talked Laurie into trying out for the cheerleading team she might of never been noticed by Troy.

Troy Wood had a future a head of him. He had a chance to go Pro. Troy had a hard life as well. He was drowning in his pain. He was a child of a single father and did not have a very good home life. He was lucky though. He had Coach Jackson. I believe that everyone in their life come across people that are like angels, their saving grace, and that was what Coach Jackson was to Troy. Coach wanted to see Troy meet every dream he had and would step through hell to rescue Troy.

Things will get hot and heavy between Laurie and Troy. There will be mistakes made that will lead to a young girl knocked up. Laurie will have some hard decision to make. If she tells Troy she knows she will destroy his life. She wants to see he reach for his dream and go pro.

Troy was truly an amazing guy. It is said the distance will help the heart grow fonder. Well that is the case for Troy and Laurie. Though they were apart they were still in love. It is time for Laurie to face her demons and let Troy she kept that he was a father from him. This could break or strengthen their love. Troy could hate her from keeping such a secret or he could forgive her and be happy that she is back. Sorry you will have to read the book to see if Troy can forgive?

I loved the fact that we got to see a little of Troy and Laurie’s little child. Sorry I am not going to tell you if they had a boy or girl, you will have to read the book to find out. I will tell you this. This child is so entertaining and is fascinated with Troy the pro football player.

This was a great story and well worth a read. FYI, favorite saying was “I won my dream and lost my heart in the same night” So much meaning in those few little words.

I love this author’s writing, and cannot wait to read more, so I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Saturday Review


We need more ornothologists – or “bird nerds” in romance. Sophie was amazing and Horiwitz did an excellent job showing me her passion and knowledge for her birds – without turning it into a bore. Adding a dose of humor, some great research was done to describe the birds in amazing detail and some of the names (“tits” and “boobies”) made me giggle like a teenage girl again.

Rigg is a hot shot camera man – or so he thinks. But Sophie shows him a side of himself that he desperately needed to find. A side that slows down and enjoys life, taking him a step back from the drive for professional success at all costs, and pushing him forward into finding what really makes him happy. They are a great couple together.

But of course there is a problem, and it’s represented by an ex-girlfriend. She’s more than just that though. She symbolizes his past dreams, goals, and life. Rigg will have to make a decision.

The scenery and people surrounding Sophie and Rigg really bring the story together. They are great personalities and beautiful places. They helped me fall into the story and never want to leave.

Usually, alternating points of view annoys me. However, Laurie Horowitz does it effortlessly. This book is refreshingly smart and sweet. I love seeing a strong, smart woman in romance. This is a great book!

5 Stars

Book Review #88


I have finally read a Book Shot that I enjoyed.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the other Book Shots I’ve read, but there was something about this one. Okay, it was only the third one I have read, but the other two were so disappointing, it seems like I read more.
Maybe it is just because I love the WMC series too much, or maybe it is Maxine Paetro’s writing that saved this one.

Whatever it was, thank god! I was starting to lose hope in them.
I think this storyline is what Book Shots were made for, and the first two didn’t hit the mark.

The Trial, as the title explains, follows one trial. The book is all about the one trial. I didn’t feel like any information was left out in this short format, and I didn’t feel like I was cheated. I could have read a full length novel and been satisfied as well, but it worked for Book Shots.

5/5 Stars

Reasons Why We Will Miss Bookstores

Bookstores, in case you haven’t been in one recently, are perfectly lovely

They are hilariously passive-aggressive. 




“If you are struggling and have no idea what to buy those loved ones, do like so many other fine and upstanding women by visiting the Franklin & Wolfe Variety Store and engage in a stimulating exchange of knowledge with the throngs of folk looking over our fine store!! Especially examine our fine school supplies, as well as games! Our shelves are also continuously filled with special books and curios which have been stocked for the delight of all your many children!

They are literal-minded.



They have an endearingly idiosyncratic way of classifying things.




They are (sometimes painfully) honest



They are practical.



And an eye for the big picture


Often, they are quietly wonderful