Book Review #79


Sacking The Quarterback

This was another quick read from Samantha Towle and co-written with James Patterson . I had picked up and put down this book several times before I brought it. The story was intriguing, you know a  romance involving a sexy NFL Quarterback, who can say no to that.

Grayson Knight star Quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, finds himself in a bit of trouble but what he doesn’t expect to find is the Assistant State Attorney Melissa St. James handling his case.Melissa is a tough attorney actually looking to further her career and when Grayson’s case falls into her lap things become so much more complicated then she ever thought possible.Grayson & Mel feel the attraction but with her job and his problems is it a good idea to cross that line. We watch as this couple struggles to find out what is best for them but you a cheering them on hoping that the right decision is made for everyone.

Okay here is my problem with this book. The one thing it has going for it, is that its a quick read, However, I just didn’t buy that Melissa gave up a career that she worked tirelessly for and was considering moving to another state to make happen to throw it all away for someone who she met like 3 days earlier. That is unrealistic to me. This would have made a better book if done with more length to storyline and more background information.

Overall it was an ok read. Again it was quick I finished it in a day.

Score: 4 Stars

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