Book Review #82


Breaking the Reins follows Hannah Taylor as she takes over her Grandmother’s ranch following an accident that took both the life of her grandmother and the life of her horse. Hannah is dealing with her boyfriend, Eric, who is becoming more and more paranoid and jealous, especially after Leo, a Brazilian polo player, shows up and steals his title as number one polo player. But Leo is also on his way to stealing Hannah’s heart as he helps Hannah to restore a horse named Argus. But Eric isn’t going to give in easily, especially to Leo, and drama ensues.

Breaking the Reins was definitely an engaging read. Between Hannah dealing with the death of her horse and Grandmother, dealing with an insane boyfriend, and dealing with her feelings for the new polo player, Leo, there were no boring parts of this novel. The plot was amazingly done for a contemporary, and I wasn’t able to predict any of the major things that happened. It was nice to be surprised by some of the events.

Hannah was a well-written character. She was passionate, which was the main thing that stuck out for me. She loved the ranch and refused to let anyone stop her from running it. She became passionate about saving her new horse, Argus. She was passionate about Leo. It was just really evident in her character. In addition to that, she was determined, caring, and selfless. I really enjoyed getting to know her character.

Leo was also a passionate character. The thing I loved about him was that we didn’t really know about his past. He had layers and things that he needed to work through, showing that he wasn’t one of those unrealistic fictional boys. He was also persistent, which is the word that I would use to describe him. He, overall, was another phenomenal character to read.

Breaking the Reins was a very well written novel that exceeded my expectations. With exceptionally well-written characters and an unpredictable plot, it’s definitely one that I can highly recommend


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