Book Review #85


This book reached a subject that needed to be reached RELIGION

Dirty Saint is the fourth book that I have read by Vesper Vaughn, and boy am I hooked!!! Ms Vaughn threw me through another loop. I did not see this book going the way it did. Through out the book I could see the whole synopsis unfold with each page. I don’t know how she does it, but Ms. Vaughn has the ability to sucker me (willingly of course) in to each book of hers. I see her writing evolving with each book.

Saint and Esther attend the same super religious college.Esther is a good girl. She is leading the Honors College, double-majoring in women’s studies and history, she volunteers in the organizations and leads chapel services. is on the fast track to becoming a nun, and no I do not kid. Her father had taught her that she must be quiet and submissive to men. Her roommate Romy successfully convinces Esther to sneak out for a party one night. There she meets Saint.

Saint, given name Francis, is a bad boy acting like a good Christian boy. Saint is the quarterback and miracle on the football field at Fullerton University. He is known for his skills on the field and for painting bible verses under his eyes on game days and can do just about whatever he wants, because he is the star athlete and the school knows he has connections. What in the world can these two have in common? The actions of their parents.

But where Saint does what his father says, usually, because his father is pushing him toward a pro-football careers, Esther follows her parents (father) because if she didn’t… Her life would literally be a living hell.

At a party one night, he sees Esther. Instantly attracted to her, he pursues and she runs away. He finds her at the library but she still won’t tell him her name. He refers to her as “Delilah” when he leave. At the next game he has Judges 16:4 painted on his face. Esther knows its for her because it says “Some time later, he fell in love with a woman in the Valley of Sorek whose name was Delilah.”
I really enjoyed these two, once we started to get to know Saint a little bit better. My only drawback with the book would be the last half goes by in super-fast time. While it helped to keep the story moving, I would have liked to see more of that time drawn out so the feelings and emotions of our two characters felt more genuine and real — rather than simply a two month courting that their lives demanded.

I’m giving the book the full 5 stars because it came out of left-field for me. It was a book that I didn’t expect to like, but the author wove it in a way that I fell hard for our characters both as individuals and as a couple. I liked watching Esther grow and find her voice in life, just as I liked watching playboy, always for the chase Saint, settle down and find a person to be terribly protective over. I loved him most in the last two chapters

5 Stars


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