Why I love Bookstores


Can I tell you something? I love bookstores. I do

Not just because I’m a big reader

No I love a book stores because they are full of Hot Guys…wait I mean books… OK let me go back.  You know what I’m talking about the kind of guy who has those sexy Clark Kent glasses on, is on the scruffy side wearing corduroy pants and a plaid shirt. The kind of guy that has a smile that melts girls right into floor. I love that guy. 

OK enough about that why do I love bookstores? That’s been on my mind a lot. Ever since Borders books went out of business, I’ve been trying hard to find the local bookstore. Borders was my happy place back in high school almost every other day my mom or my grandmother would pick me up to go to borders and I would spend at least 45 minutes in there just browsing the books. I always left with something be it a book or magazine, And if we didn’t go every day, Friday or Saturday what is our days to go. I think about that time and I get heavy nostalgic feeling I miss those days. Things were simpler back then.
But bookstores are undeniably the best. I’ve loved bookstores long before I even got really got heavy into reading. Ever since I was little I always enjoyed spending hours wondering around the library looking for anything that was out of the ordinary or at the time someone my age wouldn’t really read. Back when I was in high school I didn’t have much money to spend on a lot of books. So when I did get a few dollars I would go nuts at the bookstore. Yes in high school I was known as the book worm, book nerd or whatever you want to call it, Because I would rather spend my hours in a bookstore rather than going to a party getting drunk like most people I knew did.
A lot of bookstores have literally have hundreds of thousands of books to pick from.  If you’re feeling fiction knock your self out. If your into crafts they have a section for that to,  nonfiction and everything in between you can find at your fingertips. During college, however I cut reading to the backseat to reading my books because let’s face it this college textbooks cost an arm and a leg literally so I had to get my priority straight and study those books. Leisure reading was out of the question for most of the four years.
What I would do in high school I would pick a book that I was interested in if it was too much money and I didn’t want to pay for it. I would sit down in the nice leather chairs they had and read roughly about 5 to 10 chapters ( I’m a fast reader) and I would put a  book mark in it and put it in a section that really wasn’t frequented that much… And two or three days later I would come back to the store and go get the book sit down and read for more chapters until I was done but then I got a job and I started making money so I could buy books which was bad because I kept buying books and before you know it I had seven books piled up that I need to read.
It’s truly amazing how many books and how many possibilities there are in a bookstore. You can explore topics that have never even interested before I, personally, I think that’s pretty cool. New books also have a great smell it’s almost like getting a new car I know it’s kind of weird me saying that A book has great smell but it’s really true. I suggest you go out get a new book and smell it. Also I love going to book store that sells coffee that’s where my love a coffee came from back in high school. I would always get a French vanilla cappuccino and a chocolate chip cookie. I can still smell it. Walking into a bookstore is the best feeling in the world you just get that sense of community everyone here is trying to learn something new and different.
OK this post is kind of long so I’m going to cut it short now. A bookstore overall just has a chill vibe. Whether it’s a local bookstore or nationally own bookstore they all have the same feeling to me. Bookstores are just relaxing, to some people that might be weird to say but they seriously are one of my favorite places.  I mean you can’t go wrong with books and coffee

Author: mccullum001

I'm a 27 year old, who really doesn't know what I want to do...I have the education, but nothing to show for it...Stay Tuned!!!

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