Book Review #102


Sosie Frost became a favorite author when I stumbled upon Beauty and the Blitz. I loved that book and was excited for this story. Happily Ever All-Star is about Jude Owens, a running back for the Ironfield Rivets, and Aurora “Rory” Merriweather, the team’s staff neurologist. Jude and Rory have known each other since they were kids, as Jude is Rory’s step-brother Eric’s best friend.

The story opens on Rory having morning sickness and trying to keep the pregnancy secret. Jude has just signed with the Rivets and must undergo a neurology exam to clear him for playing since he was out from a serious concussion for several months before signing.

Jude asks Rory out to dinner so he can convince her to clear him to play. While at dinner, Jude figures out that Rory is pregnant and comes up with an agreement: they’ll pretend to be a couple, he’ll pretend to be the baby’s father, and Rory will clear him to play the season. All Jude wants is to win the championship game and get his ring so he can retire, and Rory wants to protect her neurology fellowship and not be seen as an irresponsible woman who got pregnant from a one night stand. Rory reluctantly agrees.

Who is the real father? Will Jude make it through the season or will his concussion-based injuries catch up to him? Will Rory prove that she is a good doctor and save her reputation and her fellowship? Get your copy now and find out! As of the time I posted this, the author is offering up the ENTIRE Rivets series (Bad Boy’s Baby, Beauty and the Blitz, Once Upon A Half-Time, and Happily Ever All-Star) plus a bonus epilogue on all four couples for under a buck! Don’t miss out on this great series!

5 Stars


Book Review #101


I just absolutely love it when an author whose work I admire and love writes something so out of their normal style. To me it shows major guts to veer off a path that they may be most comfortable with. And to write something so different and just kick arse doing it? Well, that’s just some real talent right there. Just wow! Samantha Towle’s latest release, Unsuitable is a romantic suspense that left me with clammy palms and kept me on my toes. I had no idea where she would take her characters and even more, why she would. I loved the twist and turns. A true literary roller coaster that had me both feeling queasy and invigorated.

Kas is the jerk that you love and hate. There were times where I seriously hated him more than I loved him because his hot and cold demeanor towards Daisy was as frustrating to me as it was for her! I mean, the chemistry and the connection between them was undeniable. It was intense with a whole lot of softness that came along with it. And it was knowing just how badly Kas wanted Daisy that I had me majorly looking forward to the ways in which Kas would redeem himself and boy did he ever. Once the good got going with all the sweet and the whole lot of sexy that started to unravel between them, was when I truly began to get lost in them. There was something so lovely about the two of them. For Daisy to finally find happiness after losing so much of her life for a crime she didn’t commit, to me it felt like luck was finally on her side and I just felt so relieved for her. Not only did she lose time but more so, she lost time with the one person she loved most. I felt for her during countless of times. I loved how loyal and how strong her character was even during the moments when she’d find herself weakened with lust towards Kas.

Unsuitable was unstoppable. This standalone romantic suspense was not something that I expected from this author. I enjoyed this book so much. It held me captive right from the beginning. With an enigmatic hero and a strong, independent heroine, Samantha Towle will capture your interest through and through. Fast paced with tons of angst and romance, you’ll find yourself impatient for Kas and Daisy to finally get it together and just be together. Be patient because I guarantee that it’s all so worth it.

loved this story and was sad to say goodbye to two wonderful characters.

The Epilogue was PERFECT! Couldn’t have imagined it any other way.


You will want to roll it up and shove it up your Honey pot and just let it live there FOREVER!

5 Stars

*Saturday Review*


These BookShots are quite addicting, there’s something really fun about being able to read/listen to a book in a really short timeframe. This one came in at just under three hours which seems to be the typical run time for these books. Once again, that short and sweet blurb still managed to catch my attention and I knew it would be an action packed and thrilling read.

David Shelley learns that his friend, Cookie has been killed as part of a strange game that wealthy men are playing. They’re contacting homeless men and convincing them to play a hunting game, but they are the prey. He decides to go in undercover with the help of Simon Claridge who is a MI5 agent. But when David’s real identity is revealed to the awful men in charge of this game, all bets are off.

Malcolm was a good narrator, his voice was the right blend of melodic and captivating that audiobook narrators should be. The story was good, even if the whole humans as prey bit is a little overdone. It’s short and frantic pace doesn’t allow character development as there is simply not enough time, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue. This was slightly different from the usual Patterson book, I’m guessing that’s because of his co author. It had a real covert, spy mission feeling to it with plenty of thrilling scenes and dangerous action scenes.

*Issue… Issue…Issue*

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