Book Review #90

wow I cant believe I’m my 90th review. Seems like yesterday I was doing book review #2.



That’s best way to start this review! I always read a Joanna book and think, this is my favorite, then I read her next one and BAM! She outdid her last book. And this was no exception. I loved Cade and Camille the BEST! THE BEST! What more could I have wanted?? Cade was pure, hot alpha, and he knew what he wanted and he always made sure he got it. Cade also had a sweet side that I loved, he was perfect! And Camille? Yeah Camille was one feisty girl, but that’s who we all want to be, sassy, smart mouthed, and need put in our place. Boy did Cade put her in her place, and she loved it after she let go and realized she needed him. The thing I loved the most about her was she was feisty and sassy and she let her guard down for a bit but she didn’t lose herself.

Cade is like the damn energizer bunny, he keeps going and going, “that’s when Thor started to stir again. I grinned. Yep. No reason to wait for round three with this beauty beneath me. She was a bona fide hard on factory. Boners on demand. Ready to ship. Quality assured.” Cade sure knows how to drive his woman bonkers, “a wildcat then. Raccoons are a little too crazy for my taste. They are cute though. And they got thumbs!” He was really infuriating. Making jokes when I was trying to recover from his powerful sport effing. He was really lording it over me.” I liked this book, I loved Cade

I love the humor in the story. Cade says some silly stuff. It is a great romance that will leave you with a smite.Sport romances seem to be the latest craze so I thought I’d try reading one. I found this story to be a light-hearted quick read with enough steamy scenes to keep things interesting. Great story and I can’t wait for the next Joanna book!

5 Stars


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