Book Review #91


Jaci Burton has the hunkiest, sexiest and most stubborn alpha males in her Play-by-Play series. Barrett Cassidy is no exception. Except this time, he’s paired with an equally strong-willed—and stubborn—heroine. Harmony is a strong female who won’t take no for an answer as Barrett hides behind the “guy code,” refusing to go take her out on a date. She finally wears him down and as they both imagined, their chemistry is explosive!

I admit I was worried about Barrett’s book because in previous books, he’s been an irresistible flirt and serial womanizer, not unlike Harmony’s brother Drake. It was nice to see a different side of Barrett.

The couple definitely had a major hurdle that both refused to confront until it was too late. Drake is fiercely protective of his sister and if ANY man even remotely treats her badly, he’s in their faces—quite loudly—and defending his sister. Because of this, Barrett decides to keep his and Harmony’s relationship a secret from everyone, including Drake, his best friend. While this idea sounds good in theory, problems arise as the couple get serious and Harmony doesn’t want to be hidden anymore. What happens if/when Drake finds out? You’ll have to read to find out!

I really enjoyed the book! I thought the characters were great and the love scenes where HAWT! What I really love about this series is the fact that it is family-oriented. Yes, it’s about professional sports athletes, but their friends and families are the glue that holds the story together.

I recommend this and any Jaci Burton book!

5 Stars


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