5 Reasons I Prefer Physical Books

1. Ownership isn’t overrated

Digital content is less permanent. The physical book in your hand is yours to keep, not the property of some publisher or IT developers. It’s your book to lend to a friend, stack on your bookshelf, or donate to a shelter or prison. You don’t have that same freedom with a kindle.

2. Make friends at a coffee shop

When you see someone reading a physical book that you love it’s easy to start a conversation. “Hey, I love that book. How do you like it so far?” is a far more interesting topic than “How do you like your eReader?”

3. Read at night and sleep tight

eReaders can disrupt your sleep if used hours before bedtime. These devices suppress melatonin and lead to fatigued mornings and restless sleep. Picking up a normal book, in that way, is good for your health!

4. Books never run out of batteries

While we do concede that eReaders can be convenient when traveling or on the go (as we both had one during our travels in Southeast Asia), nothing is more devastating than nearing the climax of a novel when the screen goes blank. With a physical book, you’ll never need a charge, power cord, or adaptor.

5. Nothing beats the smell of a book

The tactile and visual appeal of a book does not escape us. We love the smell of a new book or an old library. There are even book scented candles out there – you cannot say the same about eReaders.

Author: mccullum001

I'm a 27 year old, who really doesn't know what I want to do...I have the education, but nothing to show for it...Stay Tuned!!!

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