Book Review 111



I devoured this book in a matter of hours no lie !! Just as I did every other Megan Smith book I have read !! Which I believe would be all of them !!!!!!!!!! Then of course I bawled my eyes out like a snotty little toddler throwing a temper tantrum from about 85% on !! This is also not new to me when it comes to Megan Smith , she does enjoy torturing in some of her books. This is why I read , I love being tortured and teased and kicked in the gut , not in real life just in my wonderful book life. I was destroyed and wasn’t sure I could even start another book but after a few hours of sleep here I am writing my review and moving on. I won’t forget , but I also am feeling more at peace with the ending. I am looking forward to more from the original gang , I mean Cooper must have had some serious struggles with this and I of course want more of everyone I feel they all have more to tell !!

If you have read Megan’s other books you will already know all the characters , even Eli and Layla , and you will have already seen some of this play out through Cooper and Jay’s POV. I love multiple POV’s , love being in everyone’s head !! This book is mainly about Eli and Layla but you do get quite a bit of Cooper and Jay since they are each others besties and they lend some POV as well. Eli’s story is pretty straight forward. He is everyones savior and protector. He protects and runs the club while Cooper is away for baseball , he watches over Jay and Cooper’s house as well. He protects his sister from her dumb exes and spoils his niece rotten. He wants to take care of and protect Layla as well. He very rarely has a selfish moment. Until he is frustrated and drunk. He is an amazing guy and I loved every piece of him that we got. I mean I hate bar flies but no doubt he was hot and I enjoyed envisioning the cover model as Eli in action !! He is intense in everything he does. The pull he feels towards Layla is scary intense and full of passion. You know when he gets what he wants it will be EPIC !! Eli deserves some happiness for himself. Layla is living a nightmare. Her mother comes and goes as she pleases leaving Layla to care for her little sister and take care of bills to their crappy apartment. Layla relies on her abusive boyfriend for just about everything and he willingly gives and expects too much in return. Thankfully by the time we get to Layla she has had enough and we see her strength building. Sadly she doesn’t tell anyone anything about her life not even those who think they are her best friends. After a few too many events that strike Eli and Jay as weird they finally get to the bottom of Layla’s secrets and the desire they have to help is amazing. Once life starts to turn around for Layla and her little sister Fallon we also see the even more amazing side of Eli !! I swear their relationship is beautiful and heartfelt and so full of love and emotion before they even make it official. All the while you are on the edge of your seat just waiting for Brain , the abuse now ex ?? I mean between him and the mom it really is a roller coaster of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Well it drops and it drops hard and heavy. I think I went through a whole box of tissues. It will gut you , maybe ?? Maybe not ?? I mean I expect some drama and heartache from a Megan Smith story but this was a whole new level of it. HOLY WOW. The ending , the 6 months later , the letter , OMG as if I wasn’t already destroyed. So am I being vague , probably , but you know what just go read it !!

5 Stars

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