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Review Box

How exciting, when you come home and see a box waiting there for you. This box in particular is saying “Open Me” and how can I not. I nearly kill myself trying to get into my house. So once inside I nearly slice my hand open trying to open the box

*Side note* do you notice a pattern here… #Bookcaseclub needs to stop making these boxes so good then I might not kill myself or lose a finger opening the box… oh and P.S yes I’am clumsyokay  back to the review

So once I have the box open, I slowly open it like something is going to jump out, but nothing does, but what does jump out are two beautiful books for me to read and a bookmark ( you can never have too many)

These two books look really good and the reviews are great. Ill be revewing them sometime in march or April ( Im a little backed up from the hoildays , but I promise reviews are coming) 

Again another great box and I cant wait to see whats in store for the coming months