Saturday Review


Kindle Edition, 160 pages
Published December 6th 2016 by Bookshots
Edition Language: English
Series: Detective Luc Moncrief #2
I’ve had extravagant fun in New York and Paris, France while reading “The Christmas Mystery” by James Patterson. Although I have a deep respect for elderly people, I almost forgot about the horrible murder of the elderly, rich lady. In a way, I wanted to forget her part of the story because the way she was murdered seemed so coldly cruel. The murder is covered very quickly and the murderer found rapidly. I think this is because the author, James Patterson, wanted to keep a light atmosphere for the Christmas holidays. It is a Christmas story shiny with jewels and beautiful paintings and two wonderful characters named Moncrief and K. Burke.

However, the paintings are forgeries. This fact really caught my attention. With a few facts given by Mr. Patterson, I learned a good bit about forged paintings. To me, these crimes take a certain amount of boldness because there is the physical change of the painting by removal of a name or making a name bigger or altering the Monet or Matisse, for example, in another way.

There is the surprise of learning that people can look at a piece of art and never notice the alterations. For example, one person owned a Pollock painting. Probably, its worth in the millions. However, the painting had been forged. The name changed to “Pallack” or something of that sort. Oddly, no one noticed the change and the people who saw the painting were obviously Art connoisseurs. That is so fascinating.

If you love Art, eating fancy foods, shopping and the special places in New York, you will love this Bookshot. It will definitely leave you in a Merrier mood, and you might choose to look at the haystacks painted by Monet once again, or you might choose to travel with a friend who could possibly become a lover.


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