Hot dudes Reading 

Ladies Your welcome!!!! For the next couple of months every other day there will be a “Hot Dude Reading” *Note* I did not take these pics… I wish I had 😉

Well hello there, studious stud. A textbook that size can only mean one thing: I’ve stumbled upon a future lawyer or doctor. Regardless of whether he’s studying for a J.D or M.D I have a good feeling he has straight -A potential in “Future Husband Material.” It may take a few all-nighters, but after we’re done, he’ll definitely end up on top #OfTheClass #Hotdudesreading 


Book Challenge 2017

I’ve challenged myself to read at least 100 books for 2017. Have you set yourself a book challenge for the new year? 🙂 #bookish #bookstagram #bookblogger #blogger #booklover #author #bibliophile #bookworm #booksandmore #bookchallenge #bookchallenge2017 #avidreader #likesforlikes #booknerdigans

Book Review #114


Kindle Edition, 179 pages
Published July 19th 2016 by CP Publishing
Edition Language: English
Series: Billionaire Bad Boys #1
Going down easy by Carly Phillips is a fun, steamy and light romance. It’s perfect for rainy autumn days when all you want is wrap yourself in a blanket and just read
It’s a story of Kaden Barnes and Lexie Parker – a billionaire and his assistant.

To some it could seem to be just a romance but it has more depth. It touches the problems of family, who goes first and trust. Sometimes it’s difficult to trust other person and put your needs at first but Carly Phillips shows us a perfect story of how it can be solved.

I loved main heroes. Their banter was hilarious. So many times I was shocked by Kaden being an ass and Lexi’s ability to put up with it.

Kaden is a strong independent men whose trust is very difficult to earn but once you get it – you have it for life. He was burned and he has his issues but all can be overcome. And his loyalty to his friends was what hooked me

Lexi is a caring selfless girl. Her love to her sister deserves a lot of praise. She is ready to sacrifice everything just to make her happy. I liked her ability to stand her ground but be caring and flexible at the same time.

All in all I liked this novel. For me it had everything in it and I’m so glad it made me warm on a cold rainy autumn day. Thank you, Carly Phillips, for that!

5 Stars