Saturday Review


Kindle Edition, 144 pages

Published October 11th 2016 by BookShots


Edition Language: English

Series: Sunnybell #2

I read this book for a challenge, looking for a lighthearted western themed romance. It started out alright with a foreword written by James Patterson, but then things took a dive. This book could have been much better if A) Mack wasn’t such an immature jerk. B) The author had included a few more background details so I wasn’t constantly pulled out of the story. And finally, C) Included a heroine that had a speck of common sense. I could also rant about research, such as warming up a horse before a barrel race, but it won’t help this disaster of a relationship, or (ultimately) the book.

[There is no way I would let some immature, money mooching ex-boyfriend cross my personal boundaries the way Ashley does in this book. There is so much BAD history between the two that is never discussed and finally goes unresolved, yet she’s okay with this? Nope. Can’t sit back and enjoy this one, even if it is short.

Add an abrupt ending and you have a perfectly dysfunctional romance. If you like cheaters who return to their ex out of a selfish (monetary) and shallow (has to be seen with the pretty girl) need. This is your book!

I do think the author has potential. Her writing flows well, she just needs time to learn her craft, research her subjects and fine-tune the details. Maybe short stories are not her niche. I may give her another try if I run across a longer book


Author: mccullum001

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