Book Review #132



Kindle Edition, 385 pages

Published December 6th 2016 by Forever


Edition Language: English

Series: Dirty Deeds #2

I love J. Daniels reads and I love this series. There’s something about alpha males in meaty books that just grab your attention. Hit the Spot is the second book in the Dirty Deeds series and is a standalone. This is Tory and Jamie’s story. They are best friends of the main characters in the previous book, Four Letter Word.

I LOVE Tory from Four Letter Word. I always like the spunky best friend and I was anxious to read her tale. She’s the one that had an affair with a married man (not knowing). Tory is single and she’s pretty angry with men. Her ex-boyfriend was married and he never bothered to tell her that. You can see where this girl has trust issues.

For nine months, Jamie has been hitting on Tory. I love Jamie from Four Letter Word, because I always like it when the Hero chases after the Heroine. Every day he would hit on her and every day she would do something to his food, it was really funny and I couldn’t wait for it to be played out.

Eventually, someone is going to get tired and it’s either they move forward or break ties. But why not make a game out of it? Somehow Tory and Jamie come up with this crazy plan and bet to see who can get into each other’s pants first.

One of the things I really enjoyed most about this book was Jamie. I really liked him as the Hero. He’s the sweet, surfer laid back dude. He doesn’t have any rules and he’s just carefree. He’s also very confident and knows what he wants. I liked reading him going after Tory daily. I liked him pushing her buttons and boundaries and trying to get her to do something more.

Tory’s heart is guarded as it should be and she gives Jamie a run for his money. Of course every once in a while she lets up a little and it’s sweet to see Tory and Jamie interact.

Overall, if you love the series, you will not be disappointed with this one


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