Book Review #133



Blue Labyrinth by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child is the very highly recommended 14th book to feature Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast. Fans of the series are going to love this latest adventure that brings Pendergast back as a main character and this time he actually shows a fallible, mortal side.

Blue Labyrinth opens with the body of Pendergast’s estranged son, Alban, left dead on the doorstep of his Manhattan mansion. As detached as Pendergast acts, he closely follows the investigation and jumps into action when the autopsy reveals a gemstone, a rare type of turquoise, in Alban’s stomach. Pendergast traces the gemstone to the mine of origin and looks for clues and traps while trying to decipher Alban’s movements to find his murderer.

In the meantime Lt. Vincent D’Agosta has been called in to investigate a murder at the New York Museum of Natural history. Fans of the series will be thrilled to see Margot back and those new to the series will appreciate her just as much in this outing. Constance Greene is also back and plays an intricate part in this novel. We also learn more about the Pendergast family history – this time a black sheep of sorts whose actions are affecting current events.

Blue Labyrinth is an utterly engrossing thriller that held my rapt attention to the end. Admittedly it is not my absolute favorite of the Pendergast books, but that would be based on all 14 books. Alone, this latest Preston and Child novel is thoroughly enjoyable and a wonderful addition to the series. Usually Pendergast is always a step ahead of everyone; this time he may have actually met a foe who can actually challenge even his mental acuity.

A nail-biting-stay-up-all-night at the airport book, Blue Labyrinth is definitely a must read for fans but those unfamiliar with the series should get enough background information with the story to appreciate it just as much. I’ve said it more than once and Blue Labyrinth confirms it: it is seemingly impossible for Preston and Child (or Preston OR Child) to write a novel I won’t enjoy.


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