Book Review #136



Hardcover, 342 pages

Published June 18th 2013 by St. Martin’s Press (first published January 1st 2013)

Original Title: Always Watching

ISBN: 0312595697 (ISBN13: 9780312595692)

Edition Language: English



When I read Chevy Steven’s first book Still Missing I was instantly a fan. That book would ensure that I would be on the look out for any book Chevy wrote in the future. I have read her two other books Never Knowing and the most recent one Always Watching.

Still Missing and Never Knowing are book that revolve around the protagonist relaying her story to her psychiatrist. The shrink is never named but is clearly an important part of the story. In Always Watching things change, the psychiatrist is the central character the one who’s story we get to enjoy.

Nadine is a complex character with her own difficulties in life. She now works at a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit instead of her own private practice, here she meets a young woman who has attempted suicide where the woman has recently been opens up memories of the past for Nadine.

The first book by Chevy I loved. It was easy to read and I know I use that a lot but what I mean is you start reading and next thing you know 50 pages have flown by. Some books you just read and reread a page or passage to get it to register not Still Missing I devoured it. I loved the protagonist, the story I just loved that book period.

I liked Never Knowing and Always Watching, I didn’t love them though. Maybe its that magic is hard to replicate but they didn’t feel the same. Good yes but not great. The protagonists were much harder to like. I thought they were okay, in Always Watching Nadine a shrink sure said the wrong thing a lot of the time when it came to her daughter. This made it frustrating at times however mothers tend to try too hard and push too much with their children its the nature of things but it and other moment those were not the only ones would make me put the book down often.

I didn’t sit there wanting to turn the page and turn the page. I did pick it up and continue on but stopped and putting it off often. I highly recommend Still Missing it is a great book and if you read it then you’ll want to check out the second and third book by Chevy, if you’ll like them as much is the question


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