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The people of Fair Oaks apparently can’t catch a break. Once again the town is threaten by some Psychotic maniac who thinks he can get his way, just because he is butt-hurt at his ex-girlfriend.

Jasmine/Jade had a boyfriend named Richard, to whom she confided in after getting tired of her parents wrong doings, So when she found Richard going thru her stuff, that was the last straw, so she took out without leaving trace, She had lay low, avoid using her name, and avoid getting jobs were her social security was required.

2 Years Later….

Detective Heath was supposed to lay low for a while after causing some dram in Richmond, so his captain had assign him a cold case of a missing person. After heading to Fair Oaks he happened to stumble upon Jasmine/Jade and well that’s were it all began.

•Richard going bat-shit crazy
•Richard harassing everyone in Fair Oaks, including a 5 yr old and a 10 yr old. (yikes not good)
•Richard blackmailing Jasmine’s parents so they could scam her
and the list of Richard’s shitty attempts can go on and on, really they can. It makes George seems extremely sane with his illuminati stories. (for those of you who don’t know who George is please read first book, It will make more sense, than in this book since he’s mention often in the first book).

I have laugh quite a lot with this story, I mean it’s comical how 2 ladies are at each other’s neck ready to have a showdown over who’s chili is the best to were there is also a betting pool on when Heath is going to propose to Jasmine.

The attraction between the main H’s is hot, to the point were they are always trying to get in to each others pants. Yep definitely sexy, but not to were you get disgusted on how much they

I’m not going to lie I was so disappointed at the beginning cause I thought this story was going to be on Chris ( Gage’s brother book 1) I really wanted to know what stick he had up his ass, but it turns out this story was on Heath (Gage’s cousin), sorry at that moment I didn’t think to read the excerpt lol that’s how much I get excited with books. I guess I have a book fetish lol.

I recommend ya to read this book and if ya haven’t done so read the first one as well. They are each standalones, but characters from the first book makes appearances on this book and that will help you understand a bit more about who they are.




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