Book Review #148


Hardcover, 387 pages
Published March 22nd 2016 by Dutton
I have read a few books by Harlan Coben and really enjoyed them. Fool Me Once is my first audio-book of his. I’ve only listened to three audio-books total and I’m finding that it is taking some getting used to.

As the book opens to main character Maya and her 2 year old daughter Lily attending Maya’s husband funeral.

Tragically Joe was shot and killed three days earlier. Sadly that isn’t the only tragedy that has befallen Maya. It wasn’t that long ago that her sister was also murdered in an apparent home invasion, leaving behind her husband and children.

Maya’s father used to say things like “all love stories end in tragedy” or “you either fall out of love or if you’re one of the lucky ones you live long enough to watch your soul mate die.” Maya hated when he talked like that.

Lately, Maya is wondering if what others have been saying about her is true…that death seems to follow her everywhere.

Joe and Maya met at a charity gala and felt an instant connection. A year later they married, and Lily came not long after. Now only two years later she is burying her husband after he was gunned down in cold blood right in front of her.

Maya is a former military special ops pilot. She’s no longer active in the military after her last mission ended in disaster. She now works as a flight instructor to support herself and her daughter.

Her friend gives her a nanny cam and says it will give Maya some piece of mind while she is away at work and her daughter is home with the nanny. Maya reviews some of the footage from the cam and can’t believe her eyes when she sees her two-year-old daughter playing with what looks like her deceased husband.

Is what Maya’s seeing real?

I thought this was a decent read (listen). I just felt that I was easily distracted from the story and not pulled into it as I normally am. I’m usually able to suspend belief rather easily especially since it’s fiction, but I found myself having to do it quite often with this one. I also found that while it was interesting it got kind of chaotic and hard to follow.

I wanted to like Maya more but a lot of the time I found it hard to connect with her character. For some reason her relationship with her daughter seemed strange to me. It’s hard to explain why I felt this way as I don’t want to spoil anything. Maybe it would have been better if I had read the book instead of listening to it but I think there were still things that would have bothered me either way.

So while this wasn’t my favorite Harlan Coben book, I’m still interested in his work and will more than likely read his next book too


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