Book Review #155


Hardcover, 368 pages
Published March 22nd 2016 by Ecco
A teen boy getting caught with his pants down, by the girls religious father,
might have consequences and be embarrassing…
such as what happened in the book “For the Love of Money”, by Christopher Meades,
but a 46 year old married man who has been avoiding his wife, who was barely
speaking to him….( and who could blame her …after catching Leo fondling the babysitter weeks earlier?), is beyond embarrassing and beyond a slap on the face from his wife Victoria. Many people in this novel will suffer the consequences from one night’s cheating of hanky-panky. But I sit with the question…would these characters
have struggled anyway? Is it possible Leo just got a head start?

Leo, is in hot water within the first few pages of this book. While at a cousin’s wedding with his wife Victoria, Leo starts seducing a waitress by the name Matilda Rodiquez. She’s an aspiring singer ( mistake to tell Leo). Leo tells her he has connections to ‘Columbia Records’. Of course Matilda had a demo with her. Leo maneuvers Matilda to his car. It didn’t take long for Leo to take her hand and place it in
his lap. ( she always remembered how he never stopped looking at her). Leo was high as a kite behind the wheel on drugs and booze. He never saw the SUV that crashed into his new Porsche with his pants unzipped.

Problems are not just affecting Leo – his wife -child – and his personal punishment ( forced into rehab), …but Leo is 1 of 4 siblings that is waiting their share of their inheritance. A trust fund was set by their father which was to be divided between the 4
siblings once the youngest sibling turns 40 years old.
The siblings mother, executor of the will, ( The Nest), takes a chunk of the inheritance money to pay for Leo’s rehab and pay off Matilda Rodriquez. Are you thinking…”what the f*#ck?”
What kind of mother makes this decision without consulting the others? (whom also have children and needy issues). Melody has two twin daughters about to start college. Jack lives with his husband Walter …and needs the money to get out of a financial jam he has hidden from Walter. Beatrice is also in financial need – struggling to finish a novel.

Beatrice, Jack, and Melody, were each ‘counting’ on the amount of their money coming in — the $500, 000 which they had prior knowledge of….was down to $50,000. The siblings got together to figure out ways to ha e Leo pay them all back.
The longer I read this novel…I began thinking … “Wow, Leo’s ‘pants down – accident –
boo-boo’ – was a VERY INTERESTING choice-accident. ALL the siblings had an edge of desperation to them. That old saying …’don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ was
a lesson that kept coming to the surface.
It wasn’t only Leo who made a bad choice. Each sibling had a weakness – and they also each had strengths.
Over a years period of time -we see each of the different siblings points of views.

I found this especially exciting and engaging – PAGE TURNING- as my first cousins are a family of 4 siblings. I’m very close to them. They grew up in mansion in Piedmont, California.
I witness some similar drama that took place in this story from my cousins lives. Much in this novel feels very realistic.
I went through some of these same feelings with – the 4 siblings- in Ann Packer’s
book, “The Children’s Crusade”. ( different story)…but also a family involving 4 adult siblings also dealing with issues needing to be solved together.

Each of the characters in ‘The Nest’, were Multi dimensional. We get to know all the siblings and their lives equally. Cynthia D’ Aprix Sweeney’s novel is equally
plot driven as it is character driven….making the perfect ingredients for a fabulous family fiction novel.

Deeply affecting. At least one or more of these characters will resemble somebody in our own lives if not ourself directly. Their struggles- choices to face – are handled with
complicated emotions- moral dilemmas- that make up our human experience.

Sooooo Terrific!!! (I love family- complex novels- and “THE NEST”, is TOP BANANAS!!)


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