Saturday Review


Paperback, 137 pages

Published December 6th 2016 by BookShots

ISBN: 031655152X (ISBN13: 9780316551526)

Edition Language: English


Series: Bear Mountain Rescue #1

Allie Fairchild drove in from New York to Montana to head the Bear Mountain Memorial Hospital trauma center. She arrives two weeks ahead of schedule, and the quaint little cottage she expected is little more than a cabin straight from a horror movie. Worse still, when stepping out of her car, she is met the Cujo! Or rather Bluebell, whose owner looks more amicable, and he’s Allie’s landlord, Dex Belmont, who gets under Allie’s skin, especially as he lied to her about the condition of her new home. And to top it all, he’s her next-door neighbor!

Fortunately, at the hospital, Allie meets Dr. Hunter Gracin, who is precisely the type of man Allie would like to settle down with. Alas, it’s the infuriating Dex, a confirmed bachelor who makes Allie’s blood boil in more ways than one.

Predictably, HOT WINTER NIGHTS is a quick read; it’s the whole idea behind James Patterson’s BookShots, and I did read it in one sitting. Codi Gary is in fine form as she weaves well-drawn and likeable characters seamlessly into the story. There are adorable dogs, giggles and sniffles, and hot and sexy moments. There’s a lot of what I would call “romantic action” in HOT WINTER NIGHTS, because things get very complicated with Allie, Dex, and Hunter; the latter being Dex’s best friend, a total flirt, and a really great guy! Allie has a tough choice to make: the right man for the wrong reasons, of the wrong man for the right reasons?

The sequence on Dexter’s search and rescue work was too short to my taste because I found it so exciting, and I would really have liked to have experienced some more, as it was one of the many highlights of the book for me. Maybe Dexter has some friends who have the same occupation? And oh joy, oh happiness, HOT WINTER NIGHTS is the first in a series set in Bear Mountain! I really liked the people and the fictional town, and there are many more stories to be told, amongst them, Penny, a very minor character who made quite an impression on me.

HOT WINTER NIGHTS is another delightful read from animal-loving author Codi Gary!


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