Book Review #166



Kindle Edition, 366 pages
Published November 15th 2016

** TRIGGER WARNING ** There are some dark and disturbing scenes of abuse and punishment



This is hard to review because I’m still trying to figure out what was just read…Pearl is a captive in human trafficking situation. Crow is no one’s hero, but only time will tell how much harm he will bring to her. This is a very dark read. Non-consent times 10.

The Good:
1. Crow is a very interesting character. Though not as fleshed out, something about him reminded me of my ultimate alpha Barrons with the same scary hotness.

2. Pearl wasn’t a weak heroine which helped me continue reading despite so many scenes that made me flinch.

3. I liked the whole button thing.

4. The dynamic between Pearl and Crow intrigued me, and kept me invested.

The Bad:
1. The beginning almost did me in. Kind of surprised it didn’t end in a DNF.

2. The dialogue outside of the conversations between Crow, and Pearl often had me laughing in a bad way. It’s very over the top, and inauthentic.

3. Where the hell did Pearl an engineer, get these supergirl-Angelina Jolie movie-spy thriller fight skills? She was taking down trained security, stealing guns, and making excellent shots like it was nothing.

4. I am open to non-con type books, but prefer the titillating ones. This was brutal in ways that didn’t work for me. Pearl’s previous owner Bones was disgusting.

5. What the hell kind of revenge plot is this?

Final Thoughts
The first half of this book was a chore, but totally picked up by the end. I will continue with the next book to see how it all ends.



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