Saturday Review


Paperback, 144 pages

Published January 26th 2017 by BookShots

ISBN: 1786530988 (ISBN13: 9781786530981)

When I got to the end of chapter one I knew we were in for it. I wasn’t happy with what it said,but I went forward. He only got worse with the families. In the end if I had been Teaghan I wouldn’t’ve taken my eyes off of him for an instant until other officers got there. She was brave or foolish to think he would stay where he was-it seems killers seem to be able to come to faster and sometimes disappear or start to fight back again.I know in his own mind why he did what he did,but this was way out there in taking things into his own hands


Author: mccullum001

I'm a 27 year old, who really doesn't know what I want to do...I have the education, but nothing to show for it...Stay Tuned!!!

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