Book Review #180


Paperback, 352 pages

Published May 7th 2013 by NAL

ISBN: 0451415736 (ISBN13: 9780451415738)


This has been one of the most romantic books I’ve read in a while. And I hate love triangles and borderline emotional cheating. Absolutely hate them. But the author did not make anyone into a caricature. Both men were legitimately nice fellows.

The first marriage’s break down was no ones fault. No character acted overly sexualized with anyone else, so that you almost felt like everything was taking place on a higher plane, so there wasn’t even that “eww” factor of a woman sleeping with one man while tempted to shenanigans by another.

I honestly don’t know how the author maintained that balance. Amazing talent is needed to walk that tightrope with a ‘ready to be disapproving at the premise’ reader.

I loved Emily’s stepsister and the mother was appropriate comic relief. Everything unfolded beautifully and it was so very well paced and expounded on. The sugar and cookie scenario was my favorite, and so super sweet of him, especially as it worked against his interests. And the bride’s inner conflict was conveyed so clearly that you almost felt her stress and uncertainty.

Particularly well done was the way the cracks in the various relationships, both in the ‘ideal’ family and the book’s primary relationship, were unfurled to the reader. Not sure I liked what I had read from this writer (The Bake-off? perhaps) before but she is a new favorite from here on out. After a slow start, by the time I got to the middle I definitely couldn’t put it down


Author: mccullum001

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