Book Review #191


Kindle Edition, 227 pages

Published February 20th 2017



This story had a bit more of a serious feel to it than the others I’ve read by Devon. Not only did the storyline contain serious issues, but the writing itself had a more mature feel to it. It is written in present tense, which I generally don’t enjoy, however, I am able to forget about that issue when the story is well written and interesting enough that it makes it less noticeable.

I love reading about damaged characters and seeing men overcome or manage their disabilities or PTSD issues. Here, we have Jay who is a bit of an unsteady guy, moving on to a new location when things don’t work out for him, which until this point, they have yet to do. He has some issues from his childhood that affect him as an adult and lead to many of his current issues. Then, there is Reese, Jay’s supervisor, and and ex-military man who suffers greatly from PTSD, in addition to dealing with a lower leg amputation. So, these guys have a lot going on.

I thought Devon did a wonderful job with the PTSD issue. Reese has been dealing with and somewhat managing it for almost a decade. It is a major part of him and his life, and thus, a major part of the story. I loved and easily saw how Jay was the perfect match for Reese and really enjoyed watching them work through Reese’s episodes. A side issue, or side affect of the PTSD is that Reese struggles with not wanting to hurt anyone (or anyone more than he already has). While understandable, there were times his inner struggles felt a bit repetitive at times, and I wanted to jump in and help him out myself. Thankfully, Jay does some major maturing and does the right thing for them both.

As a funny side, do men having office/supply closet quickies really totally undress to do so? This made me chuckle each time, and I almost wanted them to get caught just to see it all play out.


Author: mccullum001

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