Book Review #200

I finally made it to 200 reviews

Paperback, TV Tie-In, 460 pages

Published February 9th 2017 by Berkley Books (first published December 25th 2014)

Original Title

Big Little Lies


0399587195 (ISBN13: 9780399587191)

Edition Language



Celeste White, Madeline Martha Mackenzie, Jane



Literary Awards

Davitt Award for Best Adult Novel (2015), Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Fiction (2014)

5 huge stars. I’d give it 6 if I could! This was one of the most captivating books I’ve read. An emotional joy-ride and an absolute favorite! Based in a small exclusive coastal town in Australia. It’s orientation day into kindergarten when one boy is accused of choking a little girl. For the parents it’s a moment when bonds are formed and lines are drawn in the sand. A full complement of emotions are cleverly weaved throughout. Laughter, tears, smiles and pain. Three wonderful friends (Madeline, Celeste and Jane) brought together on that orientation day by their children. The adventures they share together as well as their private struggles at home. Broken dreams, broken hearts and broken families. And the healing of hearts and souls.

“Every relationship has its glitches. It’s ups, its downs.” Everything revolves around something as simple as trivia night at the school. Then a situation arises that has both police and media questioning everyone present. The responses from the interviews are hilarious! I was always on the look-out for more of these little gems as a tasty bonus, near the end of every chapter. There are two distinct sides to this book. The fun, whimsical side that leaves you with a permanent grin on your face, desperately wanting to be part of this group of friends. Then, of course, there’s the dark side that proves you never really know what goes on in the privacy of one’s home.

Even between the closest of friends. There are three sides to every person…the side we show to everyone else, the side we show to friends and loved ones, and the side we show only to ourselves. In other words, this book is simply about life. Those we love and those that make us crazy. Very often, one in the same! I loved every minute of this book. Occasionally shaking my head at the silliness. Never expecting a twist in this story…I got a delicious jaw-dropping moment! Like icing on a cake. I absolutely adored this book! I am so sad it’s finished. The TV series was great


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