Book Review #205


ebook, 293 pages

Published February 28th 2017

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Melanie Harlow brings you a sweet and sexy read that will warm your heart. I’m a big fan of this author, so trust me when I say, that she never disappoints. Her stories are always entertaining and put a smile on my face, her characters are always endearing and relatable and the romance between those characters is always lovely. ‘If You Were Mine’ is a fantastic blend of sweetness, sexiness and humor. From start to finish, I found this one to be super enjoyable, so if you, like me, are a fan of this author, or you simply want to read something delightful, you don’t want to miss this one.


To avoid sitting at the singles table at a wedding she was invited to, Claire lies and tells everyone that she’s not alone anymore and that her new boyfriend will be her plus one. Claire is desperate. She needs to find a date to the wedding ASAP. Browsing the internet, she decides to hire a date for a couple of hours.


“Tall, dark, and handsome was fine, but Theo was the kind of guy who thought he knew everything, and furthermore, he was going to enlighten you on it, whether you asked him to or not. I liked his smile, but not his smirk.


Theo is a drifter with a criminal record, who has some serious reasons for being an escort. He’s intrigued with Claire from the moment he lays his eyes on her. He figures out immediately that she’s sweet and kind and he likes everything about her. He can’t deny how attracted he is towards her, or how real this…”thing” between them feels. Even if he believes he’s not good enough for Claire, he can’t seem to stay away. Theo is not a relationship kind of guy, but he wants to spend all his free time with Claire. He wants to get to know her better and he wants to make her feel good.


“As I moved deep within her, I vowed to myself that I would honor that trust. That I would keep my promises. That somehow, I would become the man she saw when she looked at me, rather than the one I saw when I looked at myself.


Claire knows that she is Theo’s opposite in every way and maybe she should stay away from him since he apparently has a lot of baggage, but she can’t help herself. Maybe he’s not exactly the ideal man, the man she thought she needed, but he’s the only man she wants.


“I just had to figure out who he was. And how to make him stay.


‘If You Were Mine‘ is such a lovely read. It’s sweet, it’s funny, it’s sexy, with just a little angst and drama and a bunch of characters I fell in love with from the start. I liked the premise and how everything between the two main characters progressed. Their first encounter was entertaining and I really appreciated that there wasn’t any insta-lust or insta-love between them. These characters’ relationship progressed naturally. I loved the chemistry between them. The sweet moments between them were simply heart-warming and the sexy ones plenty and well-written.


Claire is a wonderful heroine. She is such a genuinely good person. She’s sweet, caring, patient and considerate. The fact that she doesn’t take risks and lacks a bit of self-confidence didn’t bother me too much, mainly because her character development was very well done. I liked the fact that she’s not a doormat and the fact that she knows what she wants and what’s best for her. She’s doesn’t care about Theo’s past or the fact that he’s a little tortured, which I really loved. The way she was with him at times is simply heartwarming. She has such a big heart.


Theo’s painful childhood broke my heart. He is tortured and he truly believes he’s not good enough for Claire and that he can’t offer her what she needs. The author did a stellar job with his character. Theo is complex and, overall, a great character. There were a few times when I wanted to smack him in the head, but he figured out his sh*t pretty quickly, which I obviously liked. Theo is sexy and charming and has a big heart. I loved how good he was with his brother’s family. He is such a sweetheart!


The chemistry and the romantic aspect were fantastically done. Melanie Harlow always knows how to write palpable chemistry between her characters and her romances are always swoony.


“She was exactly the salve I’d hoped she would be— the moment I crushed my lips to hers, I felt the conflict in my body resolve. The anger dissipated. The sadness lift. All of it was swept aside, replaced only by the desire to get closer to her.


Overall, an enjoyable, sweet, fun and sexy read!


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